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The Difference Between You and I

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

healthcareThere are two primary sides with the loudest voices over today’s media-political landscape. On the right, you have the people fighting for the rights of the wealthy, largely against our president and against a public option in health care for fear of “more government” in our lives. On the left, you have the people fighting for the rights of the middle and lower classes, mostly with our president and for a public health care option. I could pine on and on about which side I agree with and why. Normally I would, but instead I want only to discuss the tactical differences between these two sides.

The tactics of the right have been the most prominent, primarily because said tactic has been simply to be as loud as possible. And what better way to cause people to raise their voices and make them heard (regardless of their message) than to instill in those people either anger, fear or both? And so, day after day, we have talk radio and FOX News opinion pundits preaching to their audiences just that: anger and fear. They do not give intelligent analysis to their propaganda, but intelligent analysis is not the point. The point is that the sky is falling, the government wants to kill or rob you and health care is their ticket to do so.

Coming up over the ensuing weeks, these people have arranged more of these “tea parties” that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of FOX News have been hyping up. This round is considerably more subdued, occurring high school gyms and Wal Mart parking lots among other tiny locations (a sign your movement is dying, tea baggers). At these things, misinformed Americans of all backgrounds…no…wait. At these things, misinformed Americans of a predominantly European background get together with signs depicting sloppy, victimized slogans and pictures of President Obama as Hitler. They pat one another on the back and cheer on a mixed agenda opposing any change just might be in the best interest of America.

We can’t fully blame these folks for their ignorance. They’re merely doing what the media man recommends. It’s this media man who deserves the full brunt of the blame. Again, they are utilizing anger and fear to mobilize otherwise innocent Americans against better health care, our president, our government and whatever blanket statement these pundits choose to attach to the antipathy. They are creating a mess and asking you to help. That’s the bottom line.

So what’s going on with the opposition then? Until very recently, not much. Those on the left have merely watched in disbelief and sadness. There have been comments made on more liberal news outlets, of course, but not without facts to back them up (the difference between FOX “News” and other news). Mostly, though, there has been little they could do to prevent this American erosion.

Then, last week, Keith Olbermann, host of Countdown, decided to use his platform proactively. Basically, it comes down to this: There are six senators who are on the fence regarding the public option in health care reform. With them, their votes could block a republican filibuster, allowing reform to pass with relative ease. And yet, they refuse to make up their mind due to reasons ranging from insurance lobbying to pure ignorance. As a result, Olbermann has teamed up with the National Association of Free Clinics in an attempt to positively sway those key senators and show skeptic Americans just what can be done when we work for the betterment of our society.

Basically, Olbermann has used his program to ask his viewers and other concerned Americans simply to donate any amount of money to The National Association of Free Clinics. These donations are then going to be used to set up free clinics in the most needy districts of the states under these senators. So far, he has raised several million dollars…enough to set up three free clinics so far. (Little Rock, Arkansas, New Orleans, Louisiana and Kansas City, Missouri are the first to receive them.)

Notice the difference in tactics between the sides of the debate? One sows disarray and fear while the other pushes forth pragmatism and social betterment. What else does a person need to know in order to determine which viewpoint is better for this country?

You can check out a transcript and complete video of Olbermann’s initial idea by clicking here.

You can donate to the National Association of Free Clinics by clicking here.