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David Weigel on Fresh Air

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

weigelDavid Weigel sat down with Terry Gross for almost the full hour yesterday on WHYY / NPR’s Fresh Air. This is the guy who covers Republicans for The Washington Independent and he knows his subject matter very, very well.

Basically, the interview was very even handed and straight forward. He spoke largely of the motivations and rationale behind republican political, religious and broadcast leaders today. Frankly, it’s frightening. It’s frightening because it goes beyond political notions of simple dissent, bleeding into true wacko Christian fundamentalism and an increasingly not-so-fringe desire to dismantle the entire American system to “save it from itself.”

It’s a very good listen that, unfortunately, makes you wish it really was all about the money for some of these loudmouthed bozos.

Check it out here: David Weigel: The Remaking of the Right