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Beyonce and Lady Gaga Run American Culture into the Ground

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

So okay. Here is the new video for “Video Phone” by Beyonce and Lady Caca. Brace yourself…

We have two ongoing wars. We have our first black president and subsequent racial tensions. We have an economic mess. We have health care debates. We have American soldiers shooting each other in Texas. All this crazy change is in the air and the best these two idiots can offer our country is a song about taking pictures with a cell phone? Where is your sense of purpose?

Oh I know. Say it again. “We don’t care about society. We just want to have FUN!” Just dance, right? And this is the exact thing that leads to apathetic, disillusioned and isolated zombies. Focus on the jiggly girls and make sure you have your own camera phone so you can film your awesome friends getting coked up and drunk while they dance to this song, themselves.

So much can be done with the power of music. Prolific messages, set to creative music, can permeate minds enough to instill truly evolutionary and revolutionary thought. This, however, is neither prolific nor creative. It is not evolutionary nor revolutionary. This is business as usual for record executives that snort cocaine through hundred dollar bills. It’s status quo, bred from a fear of change, and a desire for excess.

Are these girls even people at all? Beyonce has apparently adopted the same empty, soulless appearance of Rihanna. Lady Gaga, it appears, is actually Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Funny how the more they pretty her up, the uglier she really is.

People, we have to fight this crap. It’s not just the point that this “music” doesn’t contribute to positive change. It’s not even the point that this “music” doesn’t say anything at all. The problem is that this music is turning people into stupid assholes. Open your eyes and realize that pop music has sounded about the same for the last twenty years. This is but a tool used by corporate interests to keep you sexually frustrated, mentally dull, ignorant of reality and, most importantly, returning to their product.

Do the world a favor and listen to real music. There’s a lot of it out there…and it’s not on the radio or MTV.

The Subconscious Worship of the Wealthy

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

monopoly-manEveryone’s sick of the excessively wealthy in America these days, right? With their huge corporate bonuses and stockpiles of cocaine, we working class folks can see right through their evils, can’t we? We know that their greed is the primary thing that causes division and strife in this country, don’t we? And if we ever won the lottery, we would never ever ever be like them, right?

Think again. Better yet, think at all. This time, with the television on. Have you paid any real attention to the visual sleeping pills that glow from inside that window? The one that beams directly into your own windows, neutralizing your soul? What’cha been watching?

How about American Idol? What’s that show about? Three millionaires who sit around and criticize others for their abilities (or lack thereof) to sing karaoke pop songs? Sounds terrible. Too bad the rest of America is too smitten to agree. And guess what! It is terrible, from its surface to its core.

Johnny America just wants to be famous. He just wants to sit pretty like Simon or Paula or Randy or Ellen or whoever. So he picks out his favorite, unoriginal, licensing terms approved, top 40 moneymaker, and stands naked before his millionaire idols. He sings his heart out – just like they do in the movies. His idols then crush his dreams or send him up the pyramid with the false hope that one day he, too, may be a golden idol. Schoolgirls and their homeroom teachers go wild. Nevermind that really good band playing really innovative music at the art gallery downtown…the real stuff is right there on your tube. Millionaires making millions off the backs of the naive. As real as insurance companies doing the same.

Switch over to Househunters now. I don’t know if it’s really called that, but I’m sure there is one that is. And who are these assholes? It’s Bob and Cindy! He’s a marketing consultant. She’s a pharmaceutical rep. Together, they are on a mission to find a new place to live – in Belize! Don’t worry though. They plan to strictly adhere to their budget – of three million dollars.

This is a life most of us can only dream of and, indeed, we do. We want Bob and Cindy to make a good choice. A beautiful choice. Nevermind the Mayans that were massacred by rich Europeans so that Bob and Cindy could have their lavish property. After all, that was a long time ago and all the blood has since soaked deep into the earth. What’s important now is that Bob just isn’t sure about the size of the pool and hence they may end up having to go for the house that’s a little bit above their budget.

I haven’t even touched on reality television, where the protagonist marries into the millions, for the millions. Nor have I taken aim at the vast cesspool that is MTV, where corporate CEOs fund the culturally regressive programming their spoiled children model themselves after.

Why do we poison ourselves with this? All over America and much of the world, night after night, we allow big money to tell us what is cool. We allow big money to put their messages directly into our bodies. We give them the viewership they need to charge a higher rate for advertising, to sell us more crap we don’t need, but which makes them more money. And why? Because “nothing else is on?” Because we can’t pull ourselves away long enough to build something, or design something or write a letter?

Everywhere, we play right into the hands of the wealthy. Cursing them while we work, before coming home and meditating on their messages until the day is done.

I do not intend to say that all television is terrible…but most is. In any case, the worst of it has the greatest control on the population. It may be hard to accept, but no matter how much we damn our own circumstances, we’re only victimizing ourselves until we find the power to reject the televised pornography of money that is beamed into our homes night after night.

I know, though. It’s almost impossible to turn away. Just like a car accident…which also has tendency to slow down it’s viewers.